Running For: Alumni Council

Roni M. Benjamini, CE’96, MCE’98

Campaign Statement

Cooper holds a very dear place in my heart. Like all of us, it’s changed my life and that change is something I feel and appreciate more and more each day. Participating in the CUAA Council is a real and meaningful way for me to connect and give back to the institution that shaped me and allowed me to make my impact on this world. I’m fortunate to have a son that will soon be attending and in the process of his acceptance I realized just how much I truly owe the school and that there is still much I can do to help. This is my opportunity to do so and I thank you for it…and if anyone remembers the virtual soils lab with Prof. Guido, God rest his soul, that was my handiwork.


Mr. Benjamini is a principal at SB Development and CEO of 1 Oak Contracting. He is a professional engineer with over twenty-five years of hands-on construction and project management experience which started with best-in-class general contracting firms. Projects include over two million square feet of commercial, alternate-use, luxury and affordable residential properties throughout the boroughs and greater NY metropolitan area. Before founding SB Development and 1 Oak, Mr. Benjamini worked at Rockrose Development as the lead project manager for a 500-unit ground-up residential tower on the Queens waterfront. He successfully delivered this $110 million high-rise project within the projected 18-month timeframe. Prior to working for Rockrose, Mr. Benjamini worked at Turner Construction on the Goldman Sachs Office Tower in Jersey City and for Bovis Lend Lease on the Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel. Mr. Benjamini earned an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business in 2005 and holds both a Master & Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art with concentrations in Geotechnical & Structural Engineering.