AT 2015 Cristina Aguirre-Ross

Cristina Aguirre-Ross AR’81

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Campaign Statement


I pledge my commitment to my fellow alumni and its student body, present and future, to make it my mission to realize a return to the fundamental principles of The Cooper Union, which is to provide a merit based Tuition Free institution of higher learning. I am unequivocally determined to work towards rebuilding Cooper Union’s legacy, image and financial standing. I am committed to upholding the highest levels of professional excellence and personal integrity and lead towards rebuilding this institutions future.  

Peter Cooper accomplished his dream from which we have all benefited greatly, his vision, conviction and generosity enabled and provided for all of its alumni to prosper and excel. We received the gift of education, which enabled us the opportunity to be prosperous and create, and now it is our opportunity to give in return our gift give back to this institution to ensure that Peter Cooper’s legacy continues to live on.  

I am committed to representing all alumni and students and to engage in dialogue that is respectful, productive and builds on relationships that will support the mission to seeing that Cooper Union is here for future generations.  


Cristina Aguirre-Ross is a graduate of the Architecture school, a practicing architect and published author that has served on many not for profit boards, municipal commissions, committees and has extensive fundraising experience. She presently serves as an elected member of the Town Council for a municipality in Connecticut. Cristina is committed to the highest levels of professional excellence and personal integrity. She is the founder and CEO of Corporate Facilities Consultants, an architectural firm. Cristina is a team leader, results oriented and an entrepreneurial strategic planner with robust management – organizational skills and fundraising proficiency.