Laura Spinner

Laura Spinner, A’90

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Campaign Statement

Where do we go from here? Great strides have been made to begin to correct the problems that plagued the school and brought it to the situation where Peter Cooper’s ideals have been severely compromised. Our community of students and graduates have been taught t0 accomplish great things through planning and critical thinking. As a group we can come together and continue to correct this situation. Open communication, working in unison instead of in opposition, are the tools needed to bridge the gap. Every step counts both large and small to achieve this goal. We owe it to today’s students and future generations students to build a way to ‘free’.


I graduated from the school of art and later started a decorative painting company that specializes in murals and faux finishes for residential and commercial spaces. It has been a challenge to carve out a career with a traditional fine art education not just for me but for most who choose this path. For more than 16 years I have been working painting walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. One of my strengths is interpreting visually what is often difficult for others to articulate. Most clients approach me unable to express in words what that they would like, most often saying “I know it when I see it”. I help them “see it”. A few of the clients and projects I have worked on include the Princeton Theological Seminary, The Marshall Field Estate at Caumsett for the Designer Showcase House, BHDM Design, Molyneux, and the UJA. In addition, I have worked with the students of the International High School near Union Square on a volunteer basis to give them the experience of creating a mural by brainstorming and collaborating on an idea and working with them to bring it to fruition. It has helped teach them that they have the power and ability to bring a concept to life. Drawing on walls has always been a fascination of mine, to those of you with young children who have this tendency; get a magic eraser at your local supermarket and be lenient with them.