Rachel Appel A’13

Running for:

Council, Nominations Committee

Campaign Statement

I’m running because I love Cooper Union, it has been the greatest gift I have ever received and I’d like to do what I can to ensure more people have the opportunity to experience all that a Free Cooper Union has to offer. We have made huge strides, but there is work yet to be done and I know I can help… Keep Cooper Free, Keep Cooper Wild!


I graduated from the Art School a few short months after students occupied the clock tower, bringing national attention to the dire issues facing Cooper Union for the first time. On the heels of being heavily involved in the student protests, I took a break from debating the philosophies of higher education and spent a while working with my hands as a co-founder and carpenter at Wood & Glue, and later I became a lead carpenter at the design and production agency The Brooklyn Guild. Always looking to learn more and challenge myself, I entered the tech-startup scene as a designer at Reelio, an influencer marketing platform that enables brands to work with incredibly creative and influential video makers. I’m super excited to currently be the Creative Director at Reelio, responsible for brand strategy, marketing and sales design.