Eduardo Palacio EE’75

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Campaign Statement

During my time at Cooper Union, I certainly was aware, and truly appreciated the fact that I was at a great institution, receiving a great education, at no cost.  The true value of this gift, however, became increasingly more apparent as I progressed through my career.  Today, I look back at my CU education and realize that all that I have accomplished in my professional life, can be somehow traced back to this institution.   For someone like me, then without the means to pay for such an education, Cooper was heaven sent.  To this day, when asked to talk about my significant accomplishments, I always start with being accepted to Cooper Union as one of my proudest achievements.  I believe that all of us who were so blessed should strive very hard to assure that this institution, and its founding ideals, continues.  Today I have the knowledge, background, passion and time to contribute to that endeavor.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve this great institution that has so significantly affected my life and career.


Ed Palacio is President of P&L Technical Management Solutions (PLTMS) a Minority Owned Small Business focused on supporting clients with business capture and product development for the Department of Defense (DoD) and highly regulated civilian marketplace.  Previously, Ed was Vice President of Program Management and Business Operations for ITT Exelis Electronic Systems, a $1.5B entity and a leading supplier of Defense Electronics solutions. In this position, he was responsible for Program Management excellence throughout all of Electronic Systems’ multiple locations.  Before joining ITT, Ed was Sector Vice President for EDO Corporation’s Electronic Warfare Sector.  This sector consisted of three business entities with annual sales of more than $350 million.  Throughout his career, Ed has held multiple Board Advisory Positions in Academia, Professional Organizations and Industrial Societies.  He has been a member of advisory boards for SUNY Stony Brook School of Engineering, the Cooper Union School of Engineering, SUNY Stony Brook Women in Science and Engineering. He serves on the Association of Old Crows Metropolitan Roost Board of Directors, and has held multiple Vice-chairman positions for the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board.  He is also an Independent Advisor to the Board of Directors of Werlatone Corporation, a New York based Electronics manufacturer.

Ed holds a BEE from the Cooper Union School of Engineering and Science.  He also holds two MSc. degrees, in Electrical Engineering and in Technology Management, from the Polytechnic Institute of New York. He is a Program Management Institute certified Project Management Professional as well as a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt.