M’Liz Keefe, A’85

Running for:

Council, Nominating Committee

Campaign Statement

I am running for a seat on the Alumni Council this year! I have been involved in the fight for a Free Cooper Union since 2012. Over these years I have made concerted efforts to reach out to many of my fellow alumni who have been hard at work in the trenches and to others in the outlying community for support in our efforts to return Cooper Union to free. As some of you know since 2013 I have lived on Fogo Island, the northern most Island off Newfoundland. From there, through blizzards and gale force winds I have livestreamed or watched taped versions of every CUAA Council meeting I have been able to (for this fact alone, I should win a seat on the council!) I also have phoned/skyped regularly with council members and have reached out to most of our Alumni Trustees skyping with them or connected with them through written correspondence. I am a volunteer on the Election Committee for the past two years now and am on the Constitution Committee.

I have been a vocal opponent of the past administration/BoT and others who have stood in the way to free. I have been a trusted confident to many during this fight, given counsel when asked and offered many observations and opinions during fiery debate in private, in committee meetings, and on social media.

I was instrumental in the fundraising efforts of the CSCU Indiegogo Campaign, helping to lead the Grab Bag of Art drive which brought together 19 Cooper artists’ work raising over $30,000.00 for the Lawsuit that resulted in the Consent Decree that has changed the course of Cooper Union’s future. I personally donated 18 of my own paintings to the cause.

It is time for me to be able to make my vote really mean something. So please, vote me in to the Cooper Union Alumni Association Council! I will continue to work for the best interests of the CUAA, contribute to its positive Mission to support the School, and with my energy and my ideas, work with others to move us back to free. Thank you all for your support.


M’Liz Keefe is a 1985 graduate of the School of Art. Born in New Jersey, she has lived and painted in many parts of the country. After living in Boston for 14 years, she left on an artist’s residency to an Island off Newfoundland‐ Fogo Island, where she is making her home with her new husband and painting.