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Scott Wilson, A’76

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Campaign Statement

I am deeply indebted to my tuition­-free education at Cooper which enabled me to pursue my devotion to the arts, without amassing crushing student debt. As Special Projects Manager at Grey Worldwide for 22 years, I saw firsthand how a corrupt administration can tarnish a great institution (More Charges in Madison Avenue Print Scandal – Advertising Age December 12, 2002, Lisa Sanders). I helped work towards finding solutions to the damage they inflicted. I vehemently oppose Korn Ferry’s involvement in selecting the next president of Cooper Union. I can guarantee it will be a disaster and a repeat of the Jamshed Bharucha debacle.
The caucuses of this election year, both Democratic and Republican, are proof that people are tired of the greed, corruption and broken promises of career politicians. It is time for altruism, not personal gain, to run our educational institutions.
For the past eight years I’ve worked for the Department of Education and am an active member of the United Federation of Teachers. I have an understanding of the complexities of educational management. I produced a number of satirical editorials and art criticizing the administration of Cooper Union, particularly George Campbell and Jamshed Bharucha (“Cooper Union Horror Story”­ youtube). I believe that social media will play a large role in ending the “behind closed doors” operations of our nations colleges.
It is imperative that Cooper Union return to a tuition-­free institution, serving those of merit, as opposed to just those who can afford to attend to support a bloated, overpaid administration. As an alumni council member I will work tirelessly towards that end. Let’s set an example for the rest of the country!
Thank you. ­Scott Wilson