Hadar Cohen EE’15

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Campaign Statement

my time at cooper union has been profoundly meaningful and transformative. at cooper, i learned about community, commitment, trust, and the power of strong visions. i fell in love with cooper for its brilliance and work ethic grounded in social justice and deep care for humans. the flow of knowledge there, as well as the dedication in action, still continuously inspires and motivates me to exist in a different manner than culturally expected.

i was a sophomore when tuition was first announced. the memory of the sadness and anger i felt then still strongly stays with me. since then, i served on student council for 3 years, as a student representative, assistant ad-chair, and ad chair. i organized with free cooper union to fight for a mission we cherish. i spent my time at cooper committing myself to the work of returning to free and demanding accountability and transparency from trustees and administrators. i worked with fellow community members to vision the possibilities of our future and articulate the cooper we want to build.

the cooper community is unique. i have deep respect for the faculty, alumni and students in our community. i want to work on preserving our exceptional character while engaging with the world we live in. i remain fully dedicated to the original mission of cooper as a free school. i hope to be on alumni council to work toward our strong vision of a free, caring and loving school. i am proud of the work i did while a student at cooper and i hope to continue working for our community as a member of the alumni council.


hadar resides in berekeley, california where she learns, writes, and creates . she studied electrical engineering at cooper and graduated in may 2015. she moved to the bay shortly after graduating from cooper to work on an urban farm, live more mindfully, and care about food justice issues. currently, she is working on starting her own company facilitating workshops for tech companies around gender. she is also pursuing a masters in jewish education, working on the criminal justice reform campaign with bend the arc, philosophizing about heidegger at uc berkeley, and freelancing engineering projects.