Ling W. Chang (1)

Ling-Wei Chang EE’82

Running for:

Trustee, Council

New York, NY

Entrepreneur, FinTech Startup

Professional Qualification:

Ling-Wei is a global business executive with a proven track record of turning around and growing solutions portfolio in IT and Nonprofit organizations. She is the former CEO of Stromasys, a Swiss software multinational, and is currently formulating plans to start a FinTech business using disruptive technology. Prior to that, she held progressive roles in engineering, sales, and management with P&L accountability at HP, CA, LexisNexis, and IBM, with revenue up to $320M in US and international markets. She was elected President of the Executive Women’s Golf Association – NY City Chapter, and served on its board for many years while spearheading the golf fundraiser for the Girl Scout Council of Greater NY. Ling-Wei also holds an M.S. in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.

Relevant Skills:

Leadership, Growth Strategy, Business Planning, Partnership and Alliance Building, Collaboration

Personal Statement:

During this challenging and exciting time for the Cooper community to rebuild its foundation to stay competitive in the NY higher education ecosystem, it’s imperative that we elect Alumni Trustees who are not only passionate about restoring merit-based free education, but also have the business experience and competencies to hold the Board and School Leadership accountable for the direction/oversight and results, respectively.

I am honored by CUAA’s nomination. Coupled with my strong sense of duty – my brother and sister were also Cooper graduates – I will collaborate with the stakeholders to push for the transformation required for a brighter future.

Three Bullet Points About You:

  • Business executive with board and nonprofit experiences
  • Proven track record of turning around and over-achieving organization goals.
  • Open-minded, meticulous, adaptive, and resilient